Paintball comes to the Big Screen.. Get involved!

The Paintball Kid is a coming of age action/adventure epic that will be filmed in exotic locations worldwide from the US and Canada to China. Oklahoma D-Day Adventure Park, world's largest paintball field, will be the anchor battle ground for action/stunt filming and other paintball fields are in process to be selected as well. It marks the first joint American/Chinese effort employing paintball as the theme in a major motion picture.

Shanghai Film Studios will serve as the principle studio overseas while studios in Hollywood, Houston and Dallas, Texas will be used for principal photography in the US and Canada. The Paintball game industry, serves as background for the film’s story. Arrangement is currently being made to film on location at major paintball events throughout the world. The film’s story occurs within the context of actual scenario and tournament games that are on-going. The Paintball Kid is expected to draw enormous attention to one of the world’s fast growing sports.

Leading and major supporting actors are being cast out of Hollywood. However, one of the leading roles and several supporting roles will be selected from real paintball players. All paintball scenario and tournament players are eligible for casting and are encouraged to follow the event broadcasts, pending announcement of casting.

Look for updates and follow ups at the OKDDAY website, www.ddayadventurepark.com.

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