2012 MXL Truro

Minor Xtreme Paintball League

Tippinators at MXL E1 Photos The Tippinators were pumped for the start of the 2012 CXBL Atlantic Division season on June 23rd, 2012 at Armyman’s Paintball in Truro Nova Scotia. Not only did the team have a few new faces in the line up, but the players were shooting the all new Tippmann Crossover.

The team arrived to the field early to put the final tweaks on equipment and spend extra time coming together as a cohesive unit. After a warm up and laughing enough to make cheeks sore, it was time for each player to put on his game face and start the xball season.

The Tippinators came out strong against Riverview Disturbed in the first game of the season. The teams were evenly matched, traded points back and forth through the first half. At the start of the second half the Tipps settled in with the new markers and scored a string of unanswered points.

Riverview made a valiant charge to come within striking distance but the clock worked against them and time ran out. The final score of a very entertaining game was the Tippinators 8, Disturbed 5.

There was a one game wait before the Tipps second game of the day. Pods were quickly refilled and equipment cleaned as the team readied for what they knew would be a tough match against the 2011 CXBL Eastern Conference Champion Moncton Strict Union.

Tippinators at MXL E1 Photos Last season a number of different Strict Union players guested with the Tippinators throughout the season. Because of the familiarity and sense of camaraderie between the teams, this game would be fun regardless of the outcome.

Strict Union started the game strong and never looked back. The Tipps struggled to counter Strict’s aggressive field movements and accurate shooting. The Tipps were held in check from the outset and on there heels the entire game. Strict Union out hustled the Tipps for a final score of 12 -1 in run away contest that was never in doubt.

MXL Event 1 was the first opportunity for the Tippinators to give the Crossovers a real test. The markers preformed magnificently. CXBL event paint this season is GI Sportz 4 Star Tournament Grade, in the past the team would not be able to shoot such brittle paint in their high pressure 98s. Ten players used Crossovers for the day, shooting a total of 22 cases of paint through the Crossovers without an issue.

The 2012 Tippinators may have new faces and new guns but they still have the same play for fun attitude. The team may have come out of the day with a 1-1 record but it was a great day of paintball as seen by the smiles on the players faces.


ATWL Event Two Played Rain and Shine

ATWL Event 2 Photos

The second event of the 2012 Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was played June 9th at Hypersportz Paintball in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia.

Rain overnight and all game day morning left many players disheartened that once again they would be playing in boot sucking mud, with players afraid that an inadvertent marker drop would result in a gun never being seen again. Although the ATWL had visited this location in previous seasons, this woodsball field had not been seen by players in the past.

Hypersportz Paintball (formerly Overkill Sportz) has been taken over by a new owner who is making considerable field improvements. Teams that are visiting Hypersportz for the first time since last season were very impressed with the changes.

Thousands of dollars invested by the new owner in improved drainage, clearing firing lanes, leveling the ground and reposition bunkers will make the field play faster and put a premium on communication plus coordinated fire and movement.

ATWL Event 2 Photos

Often the first game can set the tone for the entire day. The cold rain didn't dampen the excitement as the Nova Scotia Mercenaries went up against the SU Militia. The fighting was so fierce that at times it seemed there were more paintballs in the air than rain drops. If this game was an indication event two would be an exciting day.

As the day wore on, the weather improved but there was no improving on the already top notch paintball. The matches between current and former champions, plus epic battles between two new teams to the league all the games were back and forth fights went down to the wire.

The SU Militia from Moncton, New Brunswick went on a tear at event two. They kicked their game up a notch since event one, and were the team to beat at event two. The Militia won all four of their games with a total combined 790 flag capture points.

ATWL Event 2 Photos

Another surprise of the day was the improved play Green Acres Goblins. First year teams in a very competitive league can sometimes get overwhelmed. The Goblins showed they were able to adapt their play and fight toe to toe with the best teams in the region.

No one team is breaking away from the pack. The top of the leader board is tightening. The new teams are improving quickly. The 2012 Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League has reached the half way point and who will be crowned champion is anybody's guess. This may turn out to be the most exciting finish in ATWL history.

Event 2 Results
Place Team Games Played Capture Points Win Loss Points
1 SU Militia 4 790 8
2 Anthraxx 2 555 4
3 Mersey Road Predators 2 310 2
4 Nova Scotia Mercenaries 4 310 2
5 Green Acres Goblins 4 75 0

Season Standings
Place Team Games Played Capture Points Win Loss Points
1 Mersey Road Predators 6 1320 10
2 Anthraxx 6 1115 10
3 SU Militia 8 970 8
4 Nova Scotia Mercenaries 6 535 4
5 Green Acres Goblins 6 105 0