RECON Magazine at Long Island Big Game

I'm gearing up for the Long Island Big Game right now. "Gearing up" for me, this season, unfortunately, means I'm clearing off my digital recorder, packing the truck full of magazines, and printing out RECON subscription forms.

RECON Magazine will be offering a great subscription deal at THIS GAME ONLY! Buy a two or three-year subscription to RECON, and receive a FREE CD of photos from the 2007 Long Island Big Game, taken by RECON staff photographer T.J. Allcot. The CDs will be selling for $10, and include tons of great moments from last year's Long Island Big Game--the tanks, the helicopter, celebrity generals, big name scenario teams and more!

You can't lose--subscribe to RECON for 2 or 3 years, getting more than 50 percent off the newsstand price, and get FREE PHOTO CD, too!

Drop by and see me near the Blue's Crew / EMR Trailer in the vendor area. Bring me food and I'll give you 10 percent off ANY RECON SUBSCRIPTION... a pregnant girl's gotta eat... ice cream, cookies, granola bars and pizza preferred!

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