Tippmann Announces Its Sponsored Teams on Web

Tippmann has announced its list of sponsored teams for 2008 and Tri-State Special Operations Command is proud to tell the world that they are amongst this select group of teams. Tippmann's sponsored teams hail from Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, California, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, as well from Canada and Scotland.

Tippmann also recently partnered with the West Point Mil-Sim Paintball Club out of the United States Military Academy and supplied them with the the new US Army Alpha Black Paintball Marker.

"Being sponsored by Tippmann is truly an honor for TSSOC - the best mil-sim marker available in the hands of a hardcore team of operators. We are proud and excited to represent Tippmann Sports!" said James "BigDino" DiNardo, TSSOC Commanding Officer.

2008 games for TSSOC thusfar:
*Castaway Island (Oahu, HI) - Most Valuable Team for the Pirates and member Pete "Keg" Walker was awarded Most Valuable Player
*Splatbrothers' Operation Market Garden (Hopewell, VA) - Most Valuable Team for the Americans and MVP, Dave "Elff" Dietz
*Ambush Alpha-produced, Battle for Mt. Samat (Limerick, PA) – MVP, Chris "DeathX" Crawford, for the Japanese.
*West Point's Spring "Combat Classic" Korean War Scenario (West Point, NY) - Chris "Topher" Matsinger as XO for the US/UN
*Castle Conquest XXV (New Milford, PA) – Attackers, winning side in three hours and thirty minutes.

Tri-State Special Operations Command upcoming games will be the Viper Invitational in Sherwood, IN on May 24 and 25, NJ Nam 08 in Pittsgrove, NJ on June 7 and 8, Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish on July 12 and 13, San Juan Hill at SplatBrothers on July 12 and 13 in Hopewell, VA, and the New York SPPL qualifier at Cousin's in Plattekill, NY on July 26 and 27.

Tri-State Special Operations Command (TSSOC) is a team of highly motivated military-simulation scenario and woodsball players with a common goal to help shape the sport of scenario paintball while improving our team's tactical capability. For more information, please visit http://www.tristatespecops.com

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