You needed some Costuming for that Medieval Scenario?

Ok, this may or may not be really newsworthy, but it definitely caught my eye.

It's often been noted that paintball attracts a good portion of the "geek" crowd (along with other stereotype populations). There may now be solid proof for this. Chainmail has come to the paintball scene.
Yes. Chainmail. The clinky metal stuff. In this case, www.PBChainmail.com has launched, selling tank covers of all sizes. Anything from a 12g changer or 3.5oz CO2 up to a massive HPA tank can be covered in style, with a wide selection of colors and a few different weave patterns. The option is also given to have the cover made of half rubber and half metal links to cut weight, add more flexibility to the cover, and save cost.

Despite being made on a custom or semi-custom basis, and of course the time consuming process involved (I don't know how many others out there have made chainmail. It takes forever. I gave up after a few days, which coincided nicely with my mother's refusal to give me any more coat hangers), the prices for the covers are similar or slightly higher than other tank covers availiable on the market. So if you're looking for something to set your tank or marker apart and provide protection along the way, a chainmail cover might just be the ticket.
If nothing else, it makes for some nice eye candy.

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