DDAY -- A remembrance, a reverence, and reliving

This day, June 6th, has a deeply felt meaning to whole generations. We honor those who fought for their countries, for the freedoms of others, and for their brothers in the battle next to them. It was the day that marked the end of an era for some, the beginning for others. And it is a day when we look with admiration and respect towards those who have volunteered to do the same today, both at home and around the world.

It is also the beginning of a slew of paintball games marking the invasion of Normandy, from small woodsball games and scenarios up to the largest scenario event in the world, Oklahoma DDAY. Players around the country will join together and fight with the common theme of DDAY on their minds. RECON, as always, will be providing coverage of these events. Make sure to watch for those in the issues to come.

Once again, we thank both those who served our country in those momentous days and today. You are the truest of heroes.

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