Are You WAGG?

The term AGG has been around tournament paintball circles for years. The term, originally used to describe the Hostile Kids from Southern California, first cropped up around Y2K. Over the years the word AGG has evolved to become an expression of being cool or an elite player in an unexplainable way. AGG isn’t cool. AGG isn’t elite. AGG is AGG. From the way a player stands to the type and method of wearing his headgear, everything is taken into consideration when deciding if a player is truly AGG.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators, a former All Star player in the CXBL, has noticed that woodsballers have their own unspoken set of standards for what makes a woodsball player unexplainably cool or unexplainably elite. Lapham has since coined the phrase WAGG, or WoodsAGG.

Unlike the tourney players whose AGGness is, for the most part, based on appearance. WAGG players must look good but also be functional in the woods. Here are some examples Lapham has come up with:

An authentic appearance:
Ghillie with matching mask and gloves:
New technology with a subdued traditional woodsball feel:
Decked out for woodsball with a different/exotic piece of equipment:

No yellow bandanas, pink hopper covers, nor jerseys three sizes to large here. These WAGG players are just woodsballers putting bits of their personality into their equipment, and appearance, in order to get the most out of the game they love.

The beauty of woodsball is that you don't need to dress a 'certain way' or have 'certain marker' to fit in, or stand out. The only thing limiting your WAGG, is your imagination.

Are you or one of your friends WAGG? Log on to the Special Ops Paintball Forum and show the world.

Photos by: Bruce 'Charon' Johnston

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bruce wagg said...

I'm a Wagg. Great site.