Back to the Woods

Well, around here, summer has hit in full force. Which means, it's time to get out and play paintball. For any woodsball game, summer can be the ideal time to play, plenty of foliage, nice weather, and no worries of freezing your marker with CO2. Of course, there are a few hazards to be careful of, especially in the summer:

Plants: The bushes provide great cover for crawling. Just make sure you know what kind of bush you're snuggling with. I've made the mistake of finding myself halfway through a patch of poison ivy. Not good.

Bugs: Ticks and mosquitoes are out in full force. The little buggers might not be a huge irritant, but can cause problems later. Make sure to use bug repellant, and check for ticks after you play!

Weather: As nice as the weather can be during the summer, thunderstorms can always be a risk. Don't mess with lightning. Also be careful of dehydration, especially during long games! Water is your best friend, both for drinking and cleaning off hits between games.

Newbies: Ok, not a hazard. But be aware, summer is the time of year when most new players try out the sport. Make sure their first experience is a great one, both by insuring safety and good fun gameplay.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and play!

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