SPPL Announces New Dates for Chicago Qualifier

The SPPL (Scenario Paintball Player’s League) has announced new dates for the Chicago Qualifier, to be held at CPX Sports this July 11 – 13, 2008. These new dates give Midwest players more of an opportunity to get their teams together and practice for the top scenario paintball tournament series in the U.S., with a prize package totaling more than $100,000 dollars for the season and competitive play at three different division levels.

Recognized as a RECON Magazine Field of Dreams and known across the world as a premier location for scenario and woods paintball, CPX Sports is famous for its Hollywood-set-quality concept fields, including the $1.5 million, eight-block, two-story Town of Bedlam, and the $750,000 post-apocalyptic paintball town, Armageddon.

The historic park, which opened in October 2000, has hosted legendary scenario events such as Shatnerball I and II, and, most recently, the Viper Paintball / Wayne Dollack Living Legends scenario, which pitted paintball industry celebrity generals Craig Miller of ProCaps and Sean Scott of Smart Parts against each other alongside a veritable who’s who of paintball greats.

This summer, CPX strives to make history once again by hosting the first-ever SPPL Chicago Qualifier. Games will be played on two of CPX’s thickly-wooded fields for the best woodsball action. Camping is available for players, along with hot food from CPX vendors.

The SPPL is offering its usual low prices for paint, $65/case for custom-designed, high-quality Recon Scenario Paintballs from ProCaps. The league also reminds players to order their ID cards at least three weeks prior to the event. Players must compete in at least one Major Qualifier in order to participate in the SPPL Grand Final Championships in October. The points earned in the Qualifier will go toward your season totals and help determine your place in the SPPL National Rankings, as well.

“We’re looking forward to a great turn-out at CPX Sports. The family-owned park offers all the amenities paintballers could want, and a top-notch staff devoted to offering the best customer service they can,” said SPPL President Jayson Nielson. “When we added new locations to our schedule this year, we looked at the best fields in the country, and CPX definitely fits the bill.”


Anonymous said...

I posted on the specops forum as well, but how do I access the archives, in case I miss any posts or want to read comments? Thanks.

Dawn "Editor" Allcot said...

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "older posts".

Thanks for all your support!

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated.