Prayers for Monty, Please...

I awoke Wednesday morning (I think it was Wednesday) to some disturbing news. Our very own Monty Doom had one of the worst MS attacks he's had in about 2-and-a-half years.

I spoke to him for about a half hour today and he's doing a bit better, but is on a lot of medication and very aggressive steroid treatment.

Whenever I speak to Monty, his inner strength astounds me. He just keeps going. After giving me an update on his health, he wanted to talk about RECON and his assignments, of all things!

Needless to say, his write-up of the CPX game on this site will be delayed a bit, but he will have the article done in time for our next issue, with some help from friends and fellow RECON staff. I told him he needs to focus on getting better. He won't be attending Castle Conquest XXV at EMR, either, in a few weeks. I told him we would all rather have him around for many, many paintball seasons to come, even if it means him missing a game or two this year.

I just wanted to share this news with RECON readers and as much of the woodsball family as this blog is reaching right now.

(photo: Monty and Blue of EMR)

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KODIAK80 said...

Monty, I hope you have been doing better. My prayers are with you my friend. See you at EW.